Toksick Magazine was created by Lexx Miller, a 24 year old creative living in the heart of New York City, in the summer of 2016. After running a streetwear brand under the same name, Miller wanted to create a bigger platform for more artists to be apart of.

“I noticed how many creatives were putting out so much great content, but were not getting the platform they needed to showcase their work professionally.” -Lexx Miller

With years worth of self-taught computer skills, and a passion for all things creative, Lexx Miller built in three days and creatives from all around the world have gravitated to the brand to get their work seen on the growing platform. Toksick Magazine accelerated from a few thousand to 36,000+ social media followers, to date, in just two years!

“Toksick has a great personal feel to it, because I curate everything, answer every email we receive, post 98% of all its content, and even personally share everything on social media myself. It’s a tough job, but I enjoy every second of it. You should see how many creatives thank us because they couldn’t get their work out and our platform gives them the inspiration they need to create better content for the world. It’s an extremely humbling experience and I hope to add new additions to the team to provide a variety of mediums to the brand.” -Lexx Miller