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  • Sometime and Somewhere by Valeriya Shustval

    This story is about girl who likes to walk everywhere and transform into different images.  Photographer: Valeriya Shustval @Valeriyashu | Model: Mercy Katongo @Queen_mercy20 @ Look Models |MUAH: Pavel Elfimov @Pashyoung | Stylists: Svetlana Burkhovetskaya @s.u.b. , Sonora , @Sonoramagic Turtleneck – Fashionista Top – H&M Dress – Bare Skirt – Topshop Jacket – H&M Cape […]

  • Be Yourself by Andy Việt Hoàng + video

    Photographer- Andy Việt Hoàng | Fashion stylist, Creative Director- Jieun Lee @janejieunlee @janejielee | MUAH- Victoria Kokina @kokina.mua @kokina.mua | Model- Hui An @anhuian and Chloe Bettin @ First Models | Retoucher- Marcin Mikus | Assistant- Daniel Scheel @daniel.scheel Videographer: Anna Gudbrands Left White shirt, Navy check print trouser – Pull&Bear Blue T shirt – […]

  • Psylence Them by Nina Hawkins

    Camera Operator, Videographer, Photographer, Retoucher- Nina Hawkins @ninanhawkins | Model- Aida @arayabuaa | Fashion Designer- Tyce @intyceyou | MUAH- Elena Bracks @elenakhlo Top – The Psylence Hat – Dolls Kill Skirt and gloves – The Psylence Jewelry – Asos Shoes – Current MoodMask and Hoodie – The Psylence Jewelry – MM6 Skirt – The Psylence […]

  • Skeptical Daily by Weiying Jin

    Photographer- Weiying Jin | Stylist: Katherine Kou @kainkou | Models- Renata Pellegrini @mademoiselle @repellegrini_ and Theo Rouviere @ SC models @theo_rouviere| MUAH- Xiaoyuan Yang | Fashion Designer- Charlotte Yan All clothes designed by Charlotte Yan Shoes: Balenciaga

  • Boys Play Dress Up by Corey Reeb

    Photographer- Corey Reeb @coreyreeb | Fashion Designer- Tripp Nyc @TrippNYC | Model- Larry Belcher Jr | Hair Stylist- Taren Massey @Tmass0321 White Beater- Urban Outfitters Quilt- Tripp NYC Cash Money Chains- CHI Vintage Shoes- FilasGlasses- Urban Outfitters Shirt- VFILES Earrings- CHI Vintage

  • Acid Kids by Liliia Beda

    Photographer- Liliia Beda @blueberryeyed | Models- Maria Buzhunskya and Sergey Lyanchenko | Fashion Designer- Oksana Serbina | MUAH- Juliya Goncharova

  • Opulence by Amiee O’Mahony from Berlin, Deutschland

    The thematic inspiration for the shooting was opulence. We shot in a chandelier shop, because its interior exudes abundace, richness, profusion and fullness. To me it emphasizes the variety and spectrum of fetish. I also figured the „old world“ kind of bourgeois aesthetic would contrast nicely with the very colorful PVC I am using for […]

  • Safety First featuring KSLAM’s New Vapour Wave Collection

    These Auto-Wreckers took the Yard to Showcase KSLAM’s New Vapour Wave Collection Fashion Designer- KSLAM By Casey Lamb @kslamclothing | MUA- Jada Cianne Arriola @jadaciannearriola | Model- Jade Pattenden @JadePattenden Clothing: KSLAM Clothing @kslamclothing Stylist/Direction: Casey Lamb @kslamclothing Makeup: Jada Cianne Arriola @jadaciennearriola Model: Jade Pattenden @Jadepattenden

  • That Girl is a Tomboy series + visual featuring Djully Badu

    Videographer/Photographer/Retoucher- Joao Victor Czepak @jvczpk | Model- Djully Badu @djullyb | Stylist- Maria Antonia Valladares Ramos Sousa | Hair & Makeup- Pedro Simi @pedrosimibeauty vintage hat; top and bottom, Forever 21; tie used as a belt, Ricardo Almeida; shoes, Converse Chuck Taylor slides- PINK vintage jacket; top, Forever 21; pants, Zoomp; sneakers, Olympikus chain necklaces, Algo Mais sunglasses, […]

  • A series by Kamila Słoninka

    Photographer: Iwona Cieniawska @cieniawska | MUA- Emilia and Patrycja Paździór @patrycjakarolina_makeup | Stylist/Wardrobe Stylist/Camera Operator: Kamila Słoninka | Models- Łukasz Krzyżak @lukespider, Zuzia Zejma @xwerenax, Katarzyna Skóra @katarzynaskora Łukasz: Jacket: Lucky Girl Oryginal Vintage T-shirt: Medicine Jeans: Wrangler Socks: Calzedonia Shoes: Convers Zuzia: Jacket: Nike Top: Calvin Klein Jeans Jeans: Lucky Girl Oryginal Vintage Socks: Calzedonia Shoes: Fila Jawllery: H&M Katarzyna: Jacket: […]

  • June in June by Oluchi Mavi

    “June is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She got my attention when I came to Parsons, with my friend, and right away I loved her style and personality…” -Mavi Photographer- Oluchi Mavi @mavioluchi | Model/MUA- June Jennifer @bbyscallop all clothes and accessories vintage

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