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  • Princess Nokia tunes into her emo side with new mixtape A Girl Cried Red

    A new vibe for the New York native, Princess Nokia releases a new mixtape tuning into her emo side. If you’ve already been a fan, however, you know this is nothing new for this afro-indigenous artist. In an recent interview with Dazed, Nokia describes her latest work as “real alternative music”. With many rappers like […]

  • A body-positive editorial with an all-femme team

    Photographer- Leigh Ann Cobb | Model- Hope Cameron of Endless Mgmt @hopecameronn_ | Hair & Makeup- Hope Cameron – INSP BY HOPE @inspbyhope | Set Stylist- Shauna Pierson @neonstreetlight | Wardrobe Designs & Styling- Ashley Trieu @iconoclasp

  • Brotherhood by Maddy Temple

    Maddy Temple is a photographer based in London focusing on subverting stereotypical assumptions associated with the black male. This editorial is inspired by the recent tragedy between the two black male models, to which Harry Uzuko died. This aims to unite brothers against the common stereotypes that commonly face them throughout the media. It also […]

  • Less is a Bore by Inge Snelders

    Photographer- Inge Snelders @photographer_ingesnelders | Model- Fleur Roukens @fleurroukens @ Elite Model Management | Hair & Makeup Assistant- Laura Kater @lauramiauw | Stylist- Cheyenne Berkenfeld | Hair & Makeup- Anischa Dinmohamed @anischa_mua

  • Kali Uchis

    Here’s all the new music that released this week

    1. Kali Uchis – Isolation (April 6) Colombian songstress and creative mastermind, Kali Uchis debuted her album this week with hit singles “After the Storm” and “Tyrant” accompanying this 15 track project. 2. Drake – Nice for What (April 6) Drake followed the premiere of Cardi B’s debut album with a smash summer single entitled […]

  • Did u remember by Ling Chiao Lin

    Along with the change of the times, the environment affects our life. The nick of time, that record of every moment. What is every minute? Every second, even, mean for you? Time is like our mother recording every mark for our height on the wall, each of them telling a story. Like times, the changes […]

  • WHO(chi?), a thesis collection inspired by bulletproof wear

    W-waits H-husk O-observe Fashion Designer- Giorgia Andreazza | Photographer- Andrea Cenetiempo @Andreacenetiempo | Models- Irene Gotri, Gianluca Barbato, Agata Grzeczny, Damien Kang, Vitor Carvalho, Ana Taku @ Urban Agency, Natalia Gorbuleac @ Urban Agency, and Edoardo @ Boom Agency

  • From the depths of the internet, Veynsʼ unnerving video debut of ʻCall Me’ explores a dark exploration of online voyeurism

    From the depths of the internet, Veynsʼ unnerving debut ʻCall Me’ is a subdued, forlorn pool of down-tuned electronic dream-pop, with androgynously soulful, pitched down vocals undulating beneath digitised harmonics, analog synths and 808 drum machines. The video is a dark exploration of online voyeurism and digital paranoia, inspired by the found footage horror genre, […]

  • She wears the pants by Andres Ibarra

    Photographer – Andres Ibarra @andresibarra | Model – Vanessa Alessandra Alvarez @vanessaalessandra | Stylist & Art Director – Gabriel Escalona @doitgab | Makeup Artist – Gabriela Pino @gabypinomakeup

  • FABER announces debut EP ‘I AM…’

    Hailing from South London, Faber (formerly known as Hannah Marie) is an electrifying singer-songwriter, who fuses soulful vocals with rocky edge, recalling the sounds of Beyoncé and Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant. This is a genre mix not to miss, as Faber has the vocal strength and feel to hold her audience spellbound. Immersed in the […]

  • “Don’t call me Bae” by Will Shields

    I am not your “bae”, your “hun” or part of your “squad”. I don’t need to be cool, sexy, or chill. I am fucking crazy and I enjoy it. Photographer- Will Shields @willshieldsphoto | Model- Lyddie Mac @Mackerel11

  • CONNECTIONSy SS/2018 Collection “Aurora Girl”

    “The Spring 2018 Collection draws inspiration from my time in the world’s most northern city, Tromso Norway. I wanted to pay homage to The simplicity and quiet of the Norwegian landscape. The glow of snow and ice vanishing into the deep shadows of pine forests, set against the night skies flaming Arora, are proof that […]

  • Between the lines by Natalia Tirado

    Photographer- Natalia Tirado | MUAH- Yaure Sanchez @byyauresanchez | Consultant- Andres Bernadette | Studio- Fotodesign @fotodesigncol | Assistant- Daniel Mulford @dfmulford | Model- Maria Alejandra Jaramillo @marialejaramillo | Fashion Designer- Natalia Salazar @nataliasalazardesigner

  • PRIMARY by Hannah Rose Fry

    Primary being the first in order of time or development, primitive in first rank, importance, or value. Photographer- Zachary Davis @zacharydavisphotographer | Model- Casey Isabelle Venning @thedaintysloth @ Duval Agency | Wardrobe Stylist- Hannah Rose Fry @hannahrosefry | MUAH- Bec Mclaverty @rm_artistry

  • Fortune Favours the Bold II by Egle Vasi

    Photographer/ Director/ Retoucher- Egle Vasi @eglevasi_ | MUA- Daniela Rivera @mermaidpainting | Stylist- Victoria Ellis @vixellis | Hairstylist- Janine Marino @janine_marino_hair | Nail artist- Laura Streeter @laurapinknails | Models- Emily Florence Wall @ Gingersnap models and Nadia Sara Achha

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