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  • June in June by Oluchi Mavi

    “June is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She got my attention when I came to Parsons, with my friend, and right away I loved her style and personality…” -Mavi Photographer- Oluchi Mavi @mavioluchi | Model/MUA- June Jennifer @bbyscallop all clothes and accessories vintage

  • Sunday Afternoon by Richard Kranzin

    Kevin shot by Richard Kranzin in a cozy atmosphere of a sunday afternoon vibe. Mixing analogue and digital Richard Kranzin created a timeless portrait story with intimate sensual moments. Photographer- Richard Kranzin @richard_kranzin_photography | Model- Kevin @kevin_brari

  • SIMONE series by Demis Lyall-Wilson from East London, UK

    “Being a Hollywood visual effects artist half my year (recently finishing on the latest Star Wars), I wanted to do something the exact opposite of that world once we wrapped: shooting some free-form analogue fashion portraits with a wonderful old medium-format Pentax 6×7. Initially inspired by the work of Gareth McConnell, the final series shaped […]

  • Teenage Dreamers by Mood Merchant

    Photographer- Anita Yuen @ayuenpui, Stefan Legacy @stefanlegacy, Mood Merchant | Models- Raven Doucette, Kelani Hamel @Mode Models International, Justin Aucoin @Mode Models International | Makeup Artist- Calvin Alexander | Wardrobe Stylist- Blogger Armoire, Simons | Retoucher- Alexandre Pessoa | Assistant- Evan Pearce @notfortheireyes

  • Attitude Adjuster by Destiny Robb

    I wanted to show a dirty side of sexuality. I wanted to kill the stigma on BDSM and show the grimy yet beautiful ​side of sexual power play in the LGBTQ community. Photographer- Destiny Robb @allfunk | Model- Kaelyn Warren @erisandtheapple | Makeup Artist- Izzy Nolan @izzyfoshizzy

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