Yasmin L.Queen: Creative Director and Illustrator filling the void for Cheeto art and unapologetic femme liberation


So Yasmin tell us a bit about yourself.

I am currently based in Seattle , WA although I have been back in forth from Los Angeles for the past 4 years. I am currently 25, but lowkey wish I can be 13 forever. I am in school, I was starting to study political science but it was too much for my sensitive soul. I just sent off my portfolio for this kickass graphic design program so I hope I get in! I been doing art since I was a baby. Literally like 4 years old taking sculpture classes with old Russian ladies. I stopped doing art when I moved out on my own , I was 17.  I went in circles being a makeup artist , a stylist, trying to be a video girl (LMAO). Then I started drawing doodles on sticky notes and people were really heavily fucking with it , I been going at it 4 years strong now.

What pushed the move at 17 ?

My family dynamic was very difficult , my mother did not really want me in the home; I was a trouble maker for sure. My mom was a single mom , my parents just got divorced, and I started dating some guy where I thought I was grown, doing a bunch of bullshit. I am so happy I did though. I have so many experiences, real life hard and tough experiences from struggling as a youth, sometimes homeless, sometimes making a lot of money but always spontaneous and always irresponsible.

Do you see yourself going back to doing sculptures?

I do not know so much about sculptures, but I have thought about it. I am honestly doing a lot of research right now for work that I would like to do with CHEETOS and using them to make amazing beautiful installations. I just need to find a stable studio space for this. I am actually very excited . I have been doing a lot of styling but with weird things people would not really use, I feel like this is a form of sculpture as well.

We see that you love Cheetos, but what’s your favorite flavor ?
I love Cheeto puffs!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE , also CHEETOS BALLITOS that are sold at the mexican market.


How has your cultural heritage influence your art ?

I think that the older I get, the more I value my family and my heritage and realize a lot of other immigrant children experience the weird feelings I do too. So, I choose to express myself in ways they might be able to relate that maybe only we can comprehend. My cultures have a public reputation of “dismissing” or “mistreating” women, and of course this happens, just like in many cultures. I want to share the beautiful, exciting and feminist parts of my culture so media stops making us look stupid and weak and like victims.


Is your family supportive of your talent?

In some ways yes and some ways no. My mother is a pianist. I was raised on music like Earth Wind & Fire, Madonna, Boney M, and Beethoven. She is also feminist as fuck, so yeah she is supportive. She does not always understand cause she is still very old country in a way. My father is Muslim and really does not like the nudity I share in any of my art, yet he is still supportive and believes in me. I know there is a little inkling in all my family’s heart that truly hopes I make it as an artist, cause I fuck up everything else I do.

Do you have any projects coming up that you’d like our readers to keep an eye out for ?

I am working on a clothing line and a book for adults. I do not like to talk about the things I am working on, but please believe this book I release will have my heart and soul. I have been working on it for 6 months and I hope to release it by August.

What are some struggles you have faced being a woman in the illustrator industry ?

A lot of people in the industry are men, especially the music industry which I have plenty of peers in. So, sometimes they don’t see me as an artist but another pretty face or some other shit. Which is fine and dandy, but know that I much rather people share and respect my craft versus, just care about my looks or whatever else it might be. Working with men, they always try to sexual you or make weird comments here and there. It is so stupid. Fuck with me cause of my talent or not at all.

What would you like to tell the younger Yasmin ?

Communicate, communicate, communicate! The worst situations happened in my life is because I had instincts I did not follow and ’cause I didn’t communicate. If you are gonna be honest with anybody, most importantly be honest with yourself.

Who inspires you/ where do you pull inspiration from ?

Okay, multiple places. One , womyn inspire me. all womyn! I love Madonna, Frida and Erykah. Although my favorite is actually, Foxy Brown. Can I also say princess Jasmine? I know that might be problematic cause perpetuating stereotypes of womyn , but IDC she was the only middle eastern princess. I also find so much inspiration from the women around me on a daily basis, Can I say I LOVE PISCES, they are inspire me and know me even though confuse me. My mom inspires me! so fucking much, my grandma.
Also , people who are themselves and  unapologetic about it.



Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I do not know how to answer this question , but I can give you a list of how I want my life to look. I want to wear comfortable colorful clothes, be able to afford nutrient rich foods, travel to beautiful peaceful places by the water and green plants, hopefully help out my family with everything they need. Be in a position to assist young people follow their dreams, express themselves creatively and liberate people of all ages to help others. Can I wear linen pants and eat mangos on a beach while drinking cortado and dancing the night away ? I want my life to be a dream that came true.

Advice for other up & coming artists ?

Never be afraid to put yourself out there. Criticism will come at you regardless, behind your back or in front but its your choice to pursue you dreams if its worth it to you. If you believe people sincerely need to know what your trying to share then do not be afraid to express that. If you can help at least one person , then ignore the ones who do not understand. Live a liberated life.


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