Who is Kenny Bandit?

From the malleable age of eight, Mr Bandit knew that music was an art that he wanted to pursue.

Kenny Morel aka Kenny Bandit is here to put New York on the map. Kenny Bandit is the dark alter ego of Kenny Morel. He is one that does things spontaneously and is carefree. He is the one that goes against society’s expectations and does what he wants. From the malleable age of eight, Mr Bandit knew that music was an art that he wanted to pursue. But it wasn’t till the age of twenty that he was able to have access to the resources that assisted him in sharing his love for music. To Kenny, music is personal. This art is an extension of who Kenny is. His music is the audio representation of the Bandit lifestyle. Kenny’s sound is melodic masterpiece that has been inspired from artists such as Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Nas, Jimmy Hendrix, Sade, UGK and The Weeknd.

Kenny Bandit recently released an EP called Club  Madonna Listen here:

It was inspired by Club Madonna on South Beach on a recent trip to Miami by Kenny. Kenny was in Miami for his birthday and there was an electrifying vibe that had drawn him into Club Madonna. The bright lights and ambiance of the club fired up the Bandit. He now felt the responsibility to create a personal recollection of what happened in Miami. The Bandit was inspired to create a dark yet sexual drug influenced story.

The Bandit has envisioned goals which he would love to achieve in the next three years. The Bandit wants to be able to fully commit all of his time into making music. He wants to be able to share with the world his music by going on tour. In addition to blessing the would with his personal work, the Bandit would jump at the opportunity to collaborate with Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Pharrell and The Weeknd.

You can experience the Bandit life via:

Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/kennybandit

Instagram: @kennybandit

Twitter: @kingbvndit

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