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Unconsciously Posing: a story based on diversity and more

The story is based on diversity and more in specific how people get unconsciously sleeping positions. Sometimes we just don’t think about it but is weird how certain morning we wake up in a different position. It is something that natural that it could not be shoot, according to us, though the mood we gave. Each model is a strong character bringing its own personality and style in it. In fact both the styling and photography point of view is more documentary, because we wanted to depict their own characteristics. -Vincenza Nobile

Photographer: Auriane Defert @aurianedefert | Styling: Vincenza Nobile @la_nobile | Models: Suren @mypandashallfly, Coco @cocobutter2.0, Austin,
John Davies @johnjamesdavies, Oli Carter @thepizzapolice, Monique @sativamist, Florentine @florentina_dc, Jackson, Orepolo @senhor.dinarte, Zack, Roberto @robeard23


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