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tHERAPY Recycle & Exorcise teams up with Alaska for this new series shot in Berlin

The shoot was taken with analog film by Berlin based photographer Luciana Damiao. The film was made by Matt Freiheit from 93degreesmedia.

#DOITYOURSELF a.k.a. #EMPOWERYOURSELF – We want to inspire, encourage and help you to develop your creative capacity. D.I.Y. teaches that we don’t need to rely on others to do things for us. Everybody can learn to do stuff with their hands. When we make things and create we are more powerful and fulfilled people.

The election of analog photography and two historical locations as backgrounds, allow art and architecture to be the extra tools that help us explore and understand our connection with creations and designs from the past to the present. The locations are an abandoned and empty building from the seventies, the Bierpinsel, and the populated and full of live Unité d’habitation from Le Corbusier built in 1957.

Photography: Luciana Damiao | Model: Nati Cerutti (DJ and artist) | Video: Matt Freiheit – /

FASHION: Betiana Pavón [ALASKA], Mariángeles & Paula Aguirre [tHERAPY Recycle & Exorcise]

All clothing pieces and accessories by tHERAPY Recycle & Exorcise in Berlin, Germany & Córdoba, Argentina.
Hats by Alaska Accesorios, handmade and customised in Córdoba, Argentina.

Therapy: Through upcycling we reach a higher degree of sustainability, especially when users get involved in the processes of making or when we provide enough information about the history of the materials and the processes. In this way, the user can connect pieces and materials with personal experience, feelings or memories.

Alaska: Betiana Pavon is the creator and designer behind ALASKA. ALASKA is an argentinian hats brand that has been in the market for 3 years, creating individual accessories, specifically hats. Each of them has its own character and personality, with which its future user can identify with. This is achieved through the plastic intervention and singular customization of each piece, all by hand.

ALASKA’s hats are disruptive and original, all achived by hand-work with quality. The aim is to make any look distinguishable, with options for all genres, styles and events.

The hats used in this shoot are from the last collection, called MODERNI-DARK. The MODERNI-DARK word game sums up the spirit of this collection. On the one hand, ito continues with the modern aesthetics embodied in the previous collection (inspired by the Bauhaus, where the most predominant tendencies of this movement originated). Its main characteristics are the simplicity, the clean lines, geometric forms and the careful use of color.


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