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  • Closed Boarding School by Александра Раух

    Photographer: Александра Раух @raukhsasha and Sasha Raukh @raukhsasha | Creative Director: Yummy School | Stylists: Elena Ivaykina @iva_elena, Olga Khapilina @olga_khapilina, Lena London @lenalondon7, Lena Borodikhina @lenahorse | Modesl: Polina T. @grmodels, Alina @grmodels and Zlata @grmodels | Makeup Artists: Elena Kuzemkina @elenakuzemkina and Maria Medvedeva @maria_medvedeva_kobicheva

  • Marina by Amber Lokatys

    Photographer: Amber Lokatys @amber_lokatys | Model: Marina Belle @marinabelle | Styling: Effie Goh @e.f.f | Makeup: Maria Ricou @mariaricoumakeupartist

  • In Passing by Michelle Corvino

    Photographer: Michelle Corvino @m.corvino | Model: Nicholas Morillo @nicholasmorillo | Wardrobe Stylist: Danni Dee Ordonez @synesthesia__ | Makeup Artist: Riley Riley @floraamour

  • Summer Games by Von Mitch

    Inspired by the extreme heat in the city and the “games” we all like to play with one another. Summer Games displays a variety of edgy poses, urban-wear, and a badass vibe. Photographer/Creative Director: Von Mitch @von.mitch | Model/Assistant Creative Director: Alyssa Ackerman @alyssaheartbreak | Wardrobe Stylist: Marshelle Douglas @thestylemavenn

  • Lonely In Gorgeous by Jérémy Cardoso

    “Inspired by Cruel Intentions, the 1999 contemporary take on ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’, in this editorial we decided to focus on the character of Kathryn Merteuil. We built a universe inspired by the movie’s baroque and sleek aesthetic, but also reinterpreted and developed some of the movie’s source material who caught our eyes in order to […]

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