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  • That Girl is a Tomboy series + visual featuring Djully Badu

    Videographer/Photographer/Retoucher- Joao Victor Czepak @jvczpk | Model- Djully Badu @djullyb | Stylist- Maria Antonia Valladares Ramos Sousa | Hair & Makeup- Pedro Simi @pedrosimibeauty vintage hat; top and bottom, Forever 21; tie used as a belt, Ricardo Almeida; shoes, Converse Chuck Taylor slides- PINK vintage jacket; top, Forever 21; pants, Zoomp; sneakers, Olympikus chain necklaces, Algo Mais sunglasses, […]

  • June in June by Oluchi Mavi

    “June is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She got my attention when I came to Parsons, with my friend, and right away I loved her style and personality…” -Mavi Photographer- Oluchi Mavi @mavioluchi | Model/MUA- June Jennifer @bbyscallop all clothes and accessories vintage

  • Concrete Jungle by Cristian Sigler

    “Cristian and I sparked a friendship about a year ago through the lens. He’s such a great soul to collaborate with. Anything goes. I’ve been obsessed with concrete as a background for awhile. For this set we came across this parking garage during a light shower, and just let it happen. Austin’s urban growth is […]

  • let’s werc by Simona Kehl

    “Urban outfits combined with vintage accessories – that’s how fashion stylist Doris Kronlachner describes her styling concept. However, this is contrasted with Simona Kehl’s simple black and white studio photography.”  Photographer- Simona Kehl | Creative Director/Wardrobe Stylist- Doris Kronlachner @doitkreativ | Creative Director- Lina Müller @lambo.yeeny  | Models- Joy Aimufua @ Stella […]

  • A Pinch for Love by LIKEAWEIRD

    Metaphorization of love and the body, psychological reactions.  An approach to an atmosphere where the subconscious gets in touch with our desires and create the imaginary connections from the feelings on the mind.” Photography, Art Direction, and Production- Marcos Paim @likeaweird | Model- Jessica Cândido @jessicabcs | MUA- Vitoria Nedel @sereiapunk | Lighting- Tyz Matos​​​​​​​ @iam.tyz love is moves.

  • SHOCK THERAPY by Paula Aguirre

    Climate change, mass consumption, toxic gases emission, global warming, carbon bubble, forests, species and glaciers extinction, fracking, sea level rise, fake news… This Therapy Recycle and Exorcise’s editorial is inspired by some of Naomi Klein’s concepts about the consequences of fierce capitalism, presented on her latest book “NO is not enough”. Photographer- Luis Simes @luissimes […]

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