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  • HUMAN RANGES by Ludovica Anzaldi

    Photography- Ludovica Anzaldi from Paris, France. The series «Human ranges» presents several declinations of womenkind. This work can be compared to a puzzle in which every shoot represents a piece displaying tastes, personalities and intimacy of different women. With all of them, Ludovica Anzaldi establishes a veritable collaboration. Every woman is absolutely free to take […]

  • To create your dream you have to create something out of nothing

    …This high fashion shoot was produced, with no budget, some film and my punky friends. UK based photographer ‘The London Vagabond’(, with agent Modest Gold, is usually photographing his own life diary – which is often explicit, raw, and honest documentation of the streets and his friends. The skinhead model is Gema Lopez and the […]

  • Solo Party by The Bradford

    Kristin, an American model was living in Paris at the time and we’d been in contact previously about shooting, but couldn’t ever make it work…except this time. Kristin came in on the train for a short overnight to Amsterdam. I was really struck by Kristin’s pioneer sensibility, which led to the idea of the series […]