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  • From Dusk Till Dawn, redefining glam as a genderless expression

    For this series I wanted to decontextualize and redefine glam as a genderless expression. The styling was inspired by pop-glam classic icons like Madonna as well as photos of 80s club kids in cities like New York and London shot by Man Ray. Shot completely on analog film. Creative Director/Photographer/Stylist- Marissa Baklayan @icloudchic | Model-Juju […]

  • Day At Dusk by Walker Lewis, a series symbolizing the burden of femininity

    The pink rope symbolizes the weight/ burden of femininity on a non binary person in a patriarchal world bounded by social norms and gender identity. Labeled as “female” from birth, the color pink has followed and weighed down the perception and expectations of Leeza Day and many others alike. Leeza wears the pink rope around […]

  • Not Applicable by photographer Michelle Maretha

    Photography: Michelle Maretha @michellemaretha | MUA: Jessie Appleyard @jessieappleyard | Hair & Styling: Emily Friend @raisedinglitter (from @handshakecreative) | Clothing Brand: Not Applicable @notapplicable | Concept/Direction: Chloe Clements @chloeeclem | Model: Ethan Gerlach @_grewv (from @handshakecreative) | Fei Luna @feilunacreative (from @handshakecreative)

  • Lissy Elle Laricchia and Dorian Electra team up for this gender bending project

    “We wanted to portray individuals (especially young creatives) that are empowered by being both the business-minded boss and the artist, that everyday are taking on both traditionally feminine and masculine roles, and rocking both. Inspired by the excess and eccentricities of Las Vegas, we decided to capture this theme in character; the show girl and […]