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  • Wanted by Héctor Paris

    Photographer: Héctor Paris @hectorparisph | MUA: Aracely Zarate @aracelyzaratemkup | Models: Alexandra Maldonado @alepshua, Martina Vysna @martina_vysna, and Lyons Blums @lyons6lum | Stylist: Ilian Castañeda @ili_stylist | Hair: Arendy Rubio @arendy.rubio | Location: El Bedroom @el_bedroom | Girls Agency: Wanted @wanted_models | He Agency: Bang! @bang_management

  • Venus in Blue by Alexandria

    I shot these photos of my friend Elyse. I was inspired by sculptures from ancient Egypt, particularly isis as well as the Birth of Venus by Botichelli. All images are shot on 35mm film Photographer: Alexandria @alexmfspencer | Model: Elyse Winn @shallowself | Jewelery: Hand Harnesses by: Plutonia Blue

  • Fashion collective Nebula presents new editorial

    Creative Direction: NEBULA @nebula.lab | Photography: João Pedro Hachiyal @jphachiya | Styling: Guilherme Alef @guilhermealef | Art Direction: Hugo Teixeira @hugstex | Executive Production: Moema Maciel @moema_maciel | Beauty: Fernanda Suzz @fernanda_suzz | Casting: Dafne Félicio @dafnefelicio

  • Not Applicable by photographer Michelle Maretha

    Photography: Michelle Maretha @michellemaretha | MUA: Jessie Appleyard @jessieappleyard | Hair & Styling: Emily Friend @raisedinglitter (from @handshakecreative) | Clothing Brand: Not Applicable @notapplicable | Concept/Direction: Chloe Clements @chloeeclem | Model: Ethan Gerlach @_grewv (from @handshakecreative) | Fei Luna @feilunacreative (from @handshakecreative)

  • Current Moods by photographer Leah Vlemmiks

    This editorial explores the personality of the model, Damaris, instead of focusing just on her appearance. I wanted to capture Damaris’s unique ability to capture many different emotions and reflect the different characters created by styling and makeup. Photography + Art Direction: Leah Vlemmiks @leah_vlemmiks_photo | Makeup: Rachel Laura Lee @rachel.artdesign | Styling: Felicia […]

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