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Sweven, a work inspired by David Hockney and organic fluidity

Gino Ward is a fashion photography student at London College of Fashion

The silhouette for this collection was inspired by images taken from Vogue’s April-June issue, 1968. An organic and whimsical entity is seen weaving through the collection, this was somehow whisked from Hockney’s landscape paintings and his tones. Combining passionate creativity from each member of the team, we aimed to take a twist and create a collection that is an extension of David Hockney but with the soul of the sixties. Meeting in perfect harmony.

Photographed by Gino Ward @callmegino | Hair & Makeup by Iga Wasylczuk @iggy_up | Pattern Cutting and Construction by Zhiyu Chen @yuyuyu.chen, Anisah Mohd, Farid @pinkdurian, Jo Hee Shin @joheelogy, Caprice Brown @louiixx_ | Knit textile by Yuhan Zhou @yuha.n | Textile print by Danielle Ebenholtz @_kissmyfash_, Aitangsyk Zhangbyrshina
@aitangsyk_ | Embroidery by Anushka Patel @anushka512, Fong Yau Lam @__ow, Julia Trzos


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