So you want to be on Toksick Mag? Hell yeah! We’re glad to welcome your talents. We like everything from photography, writing, music, art, and whatever else you’re super passionate about. We like breaking the rules more than anyone but there are some guidelines you should follow in order to make your submission(s) stand out from the pack! Keep in mind: When submitting your work, you agree to grant Toksick Magazine the right to reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, and/or make your work available to the public in all forms including online, press kits, digital works, ADs in print, promotional materials, event posters/flyers, etc. We reserve the right to remove your work if it infringes on any laws or prior agreements with other media.

Email with the following required fields.

1. Type the title of your project in the email
2. Attach a PDF preview of the work being submitted
3. Type in all credits in the email, do not send credits in a document or PDF file. Please do not type credits in all caps.
4. If you wish to publish styling credits, please type them in the email along with photo name or number it is intended for
5. Copy/Paste a Dropbox or Google Drive link containing all of your hi res jpeg files. If you do not wish to send the link until the work is approved, make sure you reply to us in the original email with your Dropbox or Google Drive link, when it has been approved. Do not send a separate email sharing your folder, it will not be opened. Do not share a folder from your Dropbox account. Copy/Paste the link in your email. We have an extremely high submission rate so it is best to keep all your files in one email thread.
6. DO NOT send a We Transfer link for your work, as they expire and we may not get to your submission in time. All WeTransfer links will be ignored.
7. Once your work has been approved, it goes into a golden folder for publishing. If all of your credits, links, and media are submitted correctly it will be published sooner.
8. Make sure your work fits the Toksick Mag aesthetic, are hi resolution, do not exceed 25 mb, and are jpeg files. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT .TIFF, ZIP, WE TRANSFER. Please do not send submissions to all of our emails. All submissions should be directed only to

Can I submit my work for print?
– Unfortunately the deadline for our ptiny issue has passed. Updates on submitting to our second print issue will be announced soon.