Current Submission Status: OPEN

So you want to be on Toksick Mag? Hell yeah! We’re glad to welcome your talents.

We like everything from photography, writing, music, art, and whatever else you’re super passionate about.

We like breaking the rules more than anyone but there are some guidelines you should follow in order to make your submission(s) stand out from the pack!

Keep in mind: When submitting your work, you agree to grant Toksick Magazine the right to reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, and/or make your work available

to the public in all forms including online, press kits, digital works, ADs in print, promotional materials, event posters/flyers, etc.

We reserve the right to remove your work if it infringes on any laws or prior agreements with other media.


We now only review submissions exclusively on Kavyak, an online submission program. Just log in with your Facebook or sign up. It’s that easy. Kavyak requires this quick login process so you can be emailed if your submission has been approved and to use the instant messaging system, in case we need anything more from you, or if you have any questions for us!