Street Fetish by Paul Henschel

The pieces of this collection are made to show that fetish is wearable in everyday life situations. Fetish pieces are made to be worn, be it in clubs or simply on the streets and as an embodiment of identity they should go without judgment from society. It´s about bringing fetish out of its stereotypical view and makes fetish pieces’ wearable whenever you wish.

The pieces are featuring lots of PVC and metal work. The interplay of light and darkness in the car park brings these materials to life and creates shimmering, vivid colors and contrasts. In a similar manner, the fluorescent lights of the Asian supermarket augment the qualities of the materials and bring them to life. The fetish pieces are highlighted as crisp and clear as the groceries stacked in the isles. Overall it was important to show that fetish is dynamic, because interpretations of fetish are individual and unique. At the same time these individual interpretations of fetish should be accessible to all, because they could already be part of them, even if left unexplored or unexpressed.

Photographer: @paulhenschel030 | Accessory Designer: @lui.trash | Models: @laurenxnasrallah, @0celi0, @van.lla


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