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ALL STAR By Kendall Finzer & Roxy Rodriquez

We wanted to encapsulate fashion with the playfulness of youth. Nothing more nostalgic than big hoops, popcorn shirts, and being forty minutes late to class while tanning on the bleachers. A lot of the cool emerging brands like Sharon Lahim’s La Roxx for example are doing exactly that now – taking the magic of the 90’s and 2000’s but re-birthing it in a more clean and sophisticated way. Beate fit perfectly with this story – her porcelain like features and effortless waves were the perfect resting place for the fervent Los Angeles sun rays to fall on.

One more cigarette and it’s back to the school of life-

Words By Kendall

Photographer: Roxy Rodriquez @ROCKSEA | Stylist: Kendall Finzer @KENDYYY | Make-Up: Annie Presley @ANNIE.PRESLEY | Hair: Jr Millama @JRMILLAMA | Model: Beate Muska at NEXT Models @BEATEMUSKA | Producer: Dominick Bei @BEIWATCH


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