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Space Cowgirl by stylist and creative director Kyrsten Bates in New York City

“For this new story I really wanted to continue with my tradition of accentuating these beautiful women of color, who the industry wouldn’t consider to be high fashion models, but bring out high fashion in every shoot they do. High fashion lives inside of them.

With this shoot I was really inspired by two opposite sides of the spectrum that somehow make sense together which is Fenty & the old 60’s cartoon The Jetsons. I always add an essence of Miss “Bad Gal Riri” in my styling, because she brings out what it really means to be an androgynous feminist in her personal style & her designs. I collaborated with a very talented designer from Spain, Irati Fonseca; she had exactly what I needed to bring out these vibes. I thought of it as 90’s androgynous space cowboys that just landed back to earth in these fly threads. She had a lot of designs that were tough-yet fitted to bring out the femininity, with some ironic quotes in the details of the clothes i.e. “Blessed Is Who Dies of Love” in English and French. Each model I picked knew how to bring it out in their own way, I was very proud of this shoot. I hope as more and more generations come along, more women will find themselves comfortable to be androgynous & radically explore all different sides of the spectrums in life without having to apologize to anyone, especially themselves.” -Kyrsten Bates

Stylist & Creative Director: Kyrsten Bates @kyrstenjavana | Designs: Irati Fonseca @iratifonseca | Photography: Leef Parks @leefparks | Models: Taylor Vercetti @taaaylizzle, Cheryl Pico @cheryl.pico, Teydie Mbys @tey.die


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