Something About Red

My artistic pursuit has always revolved around the concept of color. I have always been able to use it to warp the perspective of my works into a reflection of who I am. Color is the catalyst of my work and everything I create. Each hue has a voice that I wish to discover and with my growth as an artist I have come to terms with my journey forward. Each series of works I will be completing will be an experimentation of ideas and concepts perceived through the person I am. The first particular moment when I decided to drive this evolution of my self-creation became with a brush of “Lasting Love” red nail polish on my pinky finger. The color touching my skin awakened something in me. Red became so much apart of me both mentally and physically. I became eager to find every different meaning behind a color with such vast interpretation. Attaching a red filter to the one light that flooded my room, I confined myself to this space. I wrote in my journal every concept of red that I could embody. Each of these concepts would become personified and study the overall being of what this color really means. Soon enough each of the photo shoots began to grow a mind of their own. They all represented a process of transition through an emotional construction of red. What I found most interesting was that each emotion was created in such an abstract manner so that each viewer could interpret it differently. This is the product of my research…

Photography: @peztypupil

Camera: Leica R9

Film: 35mm-kodak-ultramax400

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