SKIN by Catherine Rebecca from Birmingham, United Kingdom

Photography, Art Direction, and MUA – Catherine Rebecca @catherinerebeccaartist | Model – Bunnie Samina Alexandra @princessbunniekins

“This series of photographs called ‘SKIN’ is an investigation on how the face that many of us present publicly ends up being a front which conceals our true nature from ourselves. This perspective is particularly poignant, as I work primarily as a fashion photographer. Coming from the fashion industry I have seen firsthand an industry which is quite openly based on hiding and disguising imperfection.” -Rebecca

“It hides the true identity of the model by using tights over the models face and using makeup in a messy and rebellious way; this makes the images look odd and disturbing. With social media becoming such a regular part of our lives, we have become used to seeing edited images of people and there lives. With these kind of standards of life, people are suffering more now than ever with depression, anxiety, due to them trying to reach these impossible standards of life.” -Rebecca

“The images mock the beauty industry in a shocking and almost humorous way. The photographs connotes to the search and struggle for personal identity. The images represent the struggle many people have to reach the impossible standards of beauty in society.”


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