Sequins in Shadows by Maiwenn Raoult

This shoot was inspired by girl power, by creative women working together, while also subtly playing with lines of masculinity. The day started off stressful because our original model canceled and each of us had been prepping for the shoot the whole week. In a panic, I called a friend to stand in as our model and she did so beautifully.
It was my first time as a photographer having a crew on set which included a wardrobe stylist, hair stylist and make up artist. For me, this changed the whole game because normally, it’s just me and my subject and I say either “yes” or “no” to makeup, tell them an overall style and we go from there. I loved having each woman bring her own talent. Watching the make-up artist carefully choose her colors and shapes, or the stylist put her pieces together with such intention was a new experience for me. It also required for me to step back as a photographer and let everyone be in control of their own contribution to the shoot. We all left feeling high off of excitement. So high, that we decided to do another shoot together the following Sunday.

Photographer: Maiwenn Raoult @__maitai | Model: Eunice Lee @lowpowermode | Stylist: Alyse Clinton @alyselynclinton | MUA: Camille Soublet @artistrybycamille | Hair Stylist: Tiri Abril @tabril_hair


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