Self-Isolation Diva offers a unique exploration to the adjustment of virtual mediums in the times of COVID-19

All words by George Kamar from MGK Creative

Photographer: Toma Kostygina @toma.kostygina | MUA & Model: Tetiana Kazak @triplekream

Communication “From face to face, to face to screen, the discomfort of isolation provides a comfortable viewpoint to see from a distance, to crave contact, and to shut it all out at any moment. A portal to the rest of the world, where we fluctuate between the peace of isolation, the deafening madness of silence, and the joy of connection. The Need For Human Attention. We all want to be looked at, thought of, remembered, paid attention to. To what extent and why are not questions we care to answer. Another starved cry for attention, but this is easier than learning how to feed myself.” Cultural Provocation “I know what you want to see and I’ll show it to you. All the best parts of me in a gallery for you to see while the rest is conveniently hidden away. You can call me names, but you’ll still come and look. Won’t you?” “We have all been prompted to reevaluate the way we communicate, with ourselves and with others, the way we share ourselves, and how we fill our time. We’ve all been deprived of the social intimacy that we’ve grown so comfortable with. While technology has allowed us to hold society up with scaffolding for the time being, we must now watch how long it takes to fall or get rebuilt. Now, unfettered into the world of self-isolation, will we look at ourselves before asking that the world to look at us? Art always evolves, sometimes ahead of our times. Sometimes it shows us what we cannot always see directly, providing a new lens for us to understand it in. This series does just that, adding layers of lenses for you to peer through. Technological, cultural, and personal lenses all play a role in the perception of SELF ISOLATION DIVA. “Such lenses have been in play for a long time, with smartphones, tablets, and filters placing layers between us. So many layers between the original and the final viewing that it may be unrecognizable. These distortions of perspective are not unique in these times but perhaps peak during them. Perspective is hard to come by in these times. It can be even harder to establish when trying to make sense of it yourself. In such circumstances, we must carefully consider whether art is imitating a necessary reality or whether it is actually reality ironically imitating art, in alluding to a display of self-righteousness that came well before our imposed self-isolation.” All words by George Kamar from MGK Creative


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