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Puppet series by photographer Momokolotus

The shooting was kind of happened all of a sudden; Inkee is the make up artist I work with and I fond her look very special, like a doll with a dark and mysterious feeling, so she inspired me to do a shoot with her. YingDai came to my city, who also has short hair and a lovely smile and I could see she was cool inside, so I wanted to put them together. It was kind of interesting. It was Inkee’s first shoot so sadly that day was in a hurry and I didn’t push her to her best.

Photographer: @momokolotus LotusXu | Model: @Dyinngbug (YingDai) & InkeeHuang | Makeup/hair:@cyn_beaute (Cynthia) | Clothes: @nalioo00 (XiaobaiJiang)


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