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Paulina Pikulinski, a photographer in New York City, presents WASTE



Photographer: Paulina Pikulinski @paulinamore | Art/Graphic Design: Chris Correa | Stylist: Blake Felty @quitefely | Makeup & Hair: Chloe Grae @chloegraemakeup | Model: Giwa @ APM Models @wawagi

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Art & Culture

Sphynx Skin by Salvador Hernández, a photographer from Mexico City



Salvador Hernández, a photographer from Mexico City, focuses on the construction of characters and fictions by contrasting concepts in exaggerating and decontextualizing situations; using ambiguity, mystery and sometimes humor to set a mood.

Dictator & French Fries (the sphynx cats) were the main source of inspiration for this editorial, the way they move, pose and specially the look of their skin set the creative direction for lighting and color. I wanted to display across this editorial that distinctive air of sophistication and eeriness about the sphynx breed, using perspective, color and texture as a resource to create some sort of symbiosis between the cats and the model.

Photography by Salvador Hernández @vengacheivs
Styling by Montserrat Ávila & Salvador Hernández @montserrat.mercado
Make up & Hair by Ariel Leon & Montserrat Ávila @makeupbytacho
Model is Sigrido Requenes signed at Bang Management @yungcorpse

Special thanks to Dictator & French Fries

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Art & Culture

ASICS Tiger Debut

Sophia Wilson



On November 2nd, Toksick Magazine contributor Sophia Wilson and up-and-coming stylist Jared Martell attended the event premiering ASICS’ new line called ASICS Tiger.  The ASICS Tiger event was a fun, contemporary take on the pre conceived notion we all have about the brand’s sporty dad shoes and clothing.

ASICS Tiger collaborated with Japanese artist SNEAKERWOLF to create a limited edition collection which was released and given out to the guests— who were many of the most notable up-and-coming youth in the fashion industry (such as Alton Mason and Anzie Dasbe).  Japanese entertainers and hostesses called geishas carried intricate Japanese finger foods, such as sushi with mini soy sauce syringes injected, and with the help of neon lighting, it truly felt like we were transported to Japan.

The new minimalistic shoes have great structure and cool color ways.  ASICS Tiger is a great revamp on the classic shoe and collaborating with young artists, like they’ve been doing already, is definitely the way to continue on the path of ingenuity! The inclusive casting, as well, definitely helps the brand be more relatable to the mass— for example, model Dallas with his strawberry birthmark and Harley with his long dreadlocks (both pictured below)!  So, you’re going to want to make ASICS Tiger an essential in your closet whether that be shoe wise or their new clothes which are definitely worth mentioning. The first ASICS Tiger store in New York is now open at it’s convenient SoHo location 276 Lafayette Street!

Sophia Scan 7

Ty Dolla $ign and ASICS Tiger geishas

Sophia Scan 1

from left to right: Harley Suarez, Dallas Sessoms, Jared Martell (wearing Caroline Sarria), Tenzin Che Miyahira, Jonathan Rodriguez

Sophia Scan 4

Ryoji Shoda

Sophia Scan 3-3

Alton Mason, Jared Martell

Sophia Scan 6

A fan & Ty Dolla $ign

Photos by Sophia Wilson; Text by Jared Martell

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Art & Culture

An ode to braids and its signification of black culture and sisterhood



This editorial is an ode to braids and its signification of black culture and sisterhood. Besides being a viable option for those lazy days where we don’t want to deal with our hair, braids have served as a method of self-expression and individuality for black girls. Through the pull and tug of each strand, black girls are reminded of their strength and resilience.

Photographer: Jordan Patterson @jordanjpatterson | Stylist and Creative Director: Margo Hannah @margo_ashleyy | Hair: Victoria Lashae @victorialashae & Molina Milfort @molina_milfort | Makeup: Marlee Duncan @marleyymar_ | Models: Nas’tassia Simpson @nastassiasays & Pierrah Hilaire @pierrahh

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