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Our favorite internet personality Kiera Please releases her first single Bloom

You may remember Kiera Please from her signature “flower fro” look or even her epic cosplay photos dedicated to her favorite characters. However, Kiera is giving us a whole new medium to enjoy (as if we weren’t already obsessed) through music. Today, she released her first single Bloom accompanied with an on-brand visual by Joel Adrien & Tofu Jack. With a sultry, soft voice and comfy fits to match, it’s hard not to receive SZA vibes from the latest visual. Don’t be confused, however, Kiera is definitely herself in this new track; and with flowers somewhat being her staple, it feels right for her first single to be titled Bloom.

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I’m really nervous rn. I’m legit shaking. I’m releasing my first song ‘BLOOM’ 🌼 I worked on with a few friends next Tuesday (2.27.2018). I really hope you guys enjoy it or take the time to check it out when it does come out. Its been a weird journey doing things and working on stuff in which I allow myself to just be and try, ya know.. instead of bashing or scolding myself if it isn’t completely perfect. Sometimes I feel really lost. Like overwhelmingly so that I get scared to try anything new for the sole fear of failing or just not being enough for myself or others. I forget that people grow, they improve, they learn. And that process is fun and needed. And thank you @tofu.jack, @whoisdonsmith, @shoot4thekill, @shamshawan, and every friend that’s been there for me whether it’s for a project, an idea we had, a phone call, or just simply being a great friend. But yeah, I am letting you know about a smol single I’m proud of and want to show you. I wanted to put this out into the world so I don’t get cold feet lol. It’s not perfect but it’s mine and I’m excited to delve/share old and new interests with you guys. I’m also scared as hell, but I’m really glad of all the experiences along the way and the ones to come. I hope if anything this just lets you know to just try those things lingering in the back of your mind. Sorry this was so long (-:

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Check out Bloom by Kiera Please below

Produced by Tofu Jack, directed by: Joel Adrien & Tofu Jack, edited by: Joel Adrien & Kiera Please


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