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Opulence by Amiee O’Mahony from Berlin, Deutschland

The thematic inspiration for the shooting was opulence. We shot in a chandelier shop, because its interior exudes abundace, richness, profusion and fullness. To me it emphasizes the variety and spectrum of fetish. I also figured the „old world“ kind of bourgeois aesthetic would contrast nicely with the very colorful PVC I am using for my designs. 

Photographer-Amiee O’Mahony

The pieces of this collection are made to show that fetish is wearable in everyday life situations. Fetish pieces should be worn in public, be it clubs or simply on the streets, without judgement from society. It´s about bringing fetish out of its stereotypical view and makes fetish pieces wearable in everyday life situations.

Amiee O’Mahony


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