Olga editorial by photographer Kasia Bielska

The editorial is inspired by female body and current discussion about model size. Plus size models are needed in the fashion industry as a representation of a ‘normal girl’. The model is Olga. Styled by Sara Milczarek using fashion by polish designers and vintage. Kasia Bielska is a fashion photographer from Warsaw, Poland. Make up by Gosia Sulima. Hair by Gor Duryan. Set Design by Natalia Mleczak.

Photography: Kasia Bielska / Picture That @kasiabielska | Stylist: Sara Milczarek @sarsooon | Make-up: Gosia Sulima / AFPhoto @gosiasulima | Hair: Gor Duryan @gorgeousduryan / D’Vision Art | Set design: Natalia Mleczak @nataliamleczak | Model: Olga

Red is said to be the most intense color on the spectrum

Color Place by dondyk+riga based in Madrid, Spain