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Must Be Something In The Water

This series features Candice Shepstone from Boss Models, photography by Tarryn Hatchett, styling by Michelle Meyer, and makeup and hair by Orli Oh Meiri. The shoot follows our subject on a lone night adventure at a deserted public pool – a modern mermaid returning nightly to her urban oasis.

Photographer: Tarryn Hatchett @tarrynfrancis | Model: Candice Shepstone
@candyshepstone | Stylist: Michelle Meyer @mmiesh | MUA: Orli Oh Meiri @orlioh | Photography Assistant: Olivia Mortimer @mortimer_olivia

Dead Fish by photographer Eline Viddal Rød from Norway

BONNIE AND CLYDE SH*T by Katja Stückrath, photographer and filmmaker from Patagonia, Argentina