Model and social media influencer India Love just dropped a track with

You may recognize India Love from a number of media outlets including Instagram and the BET family show The Westbrooks. If you’re an OG, you remember India Love gaining her pretty internet presence from Tumblr as well. With modeling and endorsements under her belt, Love quickly joined the ranks with other influencers and celebs, gaining a well recognized name for herself.

Love has mentioned being mentored by in the past, even becoming a model for his new “button-like” headphone/tech line called I Am Plus.

India Love has a well-documented upbringing on the internet, much like any other celebrity. So let’s get real, being’s protĂ©gĂ© we would expect some type of musical direction right? Well, just yesterday Love premiered her very first music video “Loco” to the world and gave us insight on how the process began

And for those who didn’t know, this was my First song EVER recorded ever in my life.. @iamwill sat me down about a year or so ago from today and told me he wanted me to try something new.. something out of the box and fresh. I didn’t hesitate one bit. I remained patient. Trusted his vision and followed his guidance along the way. Thank you so much for believing in me & allowing me to show the world the Visual Artist I really am. -India Love, via Instagram

“Loco” features colorful animations, much similar to a production, a random appearance by Lil Yachty, and of course a verse from With heavy mixed reviews, “Loco” does seem to be more on the end of a commercial sound that could possibly appear in advertisements. But one’s thing for sure, it doesn’t seem like India Love will be going anywhere anytime soon.

Check out “Loco” by India Love below:

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