Meet the female lead band Eko

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in the motions afraid to explore. We forget what it’s like to have fun and be who WE want to be. Leave it up to Eko to help you see the bigger picture. What does Eko stand for you ask? It stands for Exploring Knew Origins.

Eko is a band made up of two close friends from Aurora, IL. They discovered each other’s talents, decided to join forces, and start creating. They’ve been doing so since 2015 and they’ve been having a ball. Eko likes to think of themselves as a melting pot of genres. But, more specifically RnB and soul. Eko is a band of many goals but for the sake of time their main goal is to make quality music and use that as a vehicle to create in other outlets. Eko loves to stick to being themselves & promoting that you have love and confidence within! Some acts that Eko is usually associated with are: The Internet, Cosmo Pyke, and Phony Ppl. Some acts they look up to are: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and N*E*R*D*.


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