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Before I Knew What Love Is by Aldae and Frances Florence



“Before I knew what love is” is a collaborative display of unique photo and video between Ford model Frances Florence and Columbia recording artist Aldae Long.

“It’s a mood piece. We like to bring the viewer into our own kind of fantasy world” says Frances. The two met in 2014 and have been creating and collaborating together ever since. Expressing great interest in the visual arts, Frances and Aldae found quickly that they shared similar aesthetics and ideals in photography. After finding it difficult to rely on photographers and stylists, they took matters into their own hands.

“One day we just picked up a camera and started shooting” says Aldae. “We developed the film a little later and were like damn, these are fire.” The two love shooting 35 and 120mm film and prefer creating from a minimalist perspective incorporating disposable cameras, point and shoots, and the plastic body Diana camera. “Basically anything analog gets us going” adds Aldae. “We like to make the most of what we have, relying on our eye rather than a fancy camera or lens.” The video attached was recorded on an old VHS camera from the 90’s as the duo profess their love for glitch and grain.

“We want the viewer to interpret this project how they’d like to” concludes Frances. “We are simply inviting you into our world. What you think of it is up to you.”

Photography, styling and Direction: Aldae @aldaelong and Frances Florence @thefrancesflorence, HMUA: Frances Florence All clothing from Varsity Vintage in Los Angeles

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Art & Culture

Treasurer by photographer Johnatan Kenny Fraymuth



Photographer: Johnatan Kenny Fraymuth | Makeup Artist: Agus Gelfo | Model: Ailin Toso @ Mannequins Agency

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Art & Culture

Fake it by photographer Milcheva Veronika



“The concept of this shooting is to show how some girls put on masks in social networks, wanting to become an absolutely different person.” -Veronika

Photographer/Retoucher: Milcheva Veronika | Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Lucia Vyshnevska | Models: Maria Krivenko and Taya Loran

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Art & Culture

Sphynx Skin by Salvador Hernández, a photographer from Mexico City



Salvador Hernández, a photographer from Mexico City, focuses on the construction of characters and fictions by contrasting concepts in exaggerating and decontextualizing situations; using ambiguity, mystery and sometimes humor to set a mood.

Dictator & French Fries (the sphynx cats) were the main source of inspiration for this editorial, the way they move, pose and specially the look of their skin set the creative direction for lighting and color. I wanted to display across this editorial that distinctive air of sophistication and eeriness about the sphynx breed, using perspective, color and texture as a resource to create some sort of symbiosis between the cats and the model.

Photography by Salvador Hernández @vengacheivs
Styling by Montserrat Ávila & Salvador Hernández @montserrat.mercado
Make up & Hair by Ariel Leon & Montserrat Ávila @makeupbytacho
Model is Sigrido Requenes signed at Bang Management @yungcorpse

Special thanks to Dictator & French Fries

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