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Just for Tonight film series photographer Dominique Ivory from Austin, Texas

shot on #35mm film.

I fell in love with 35mm because I feel it provokes a raw and nostalgic feeling in imagery that digital photography cannot duplicate. We wanted to create a relatable vibe that reflected urban style and culture in a somewhat cinematic way. The tone is set by the different textures provided by the garments and the city.

Photographer: Dominique Ivory @Pharaoh_goods | Model/styling: Meggie Copeland @m.c._styles Stylist Ade Randle @dayrandl3 | Additional Assistance: Andy Agula @nubian_roamer

All articles of clothing are owned by model & stylist. All images photographed with 35mm Kodak Portra 400, Kodak Portra 800, and Lomochrome Turquoise 400.

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