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It’s official Marz Lovejoy is the GOAT at documenting pregnancy

Yes, we’ve all been guilty to call someone via the internet goals or even the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time if you’ve been living under a rock). However, when we say Marz Lovejoy is the greatest at documenting her precious journey of pregnancy, with Office Magazine’s Editor in Chief Simon Rasmussen, we mean just that. Marz and Simon recently tied the knot at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens of last year and we’ve been hooked on the couple’s public display of affection ever since.

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The battles of pregnancy hasn’t stopped Marz as she continues to document the ups, downs, and in between of early motherhood. At 35 weeks currently, Marz has shared intimate moments with viewers like this side-by-side rendition of her mother pregnant (which I may add, I shed a tear for).

Through her generous glimpse of new motherhood, it almost feels like we’ve been on this journey as well. Each stylish post shared with the epic baby bump, makes us want to throw away our Plan B (jk? not). Defying the “typical” pregnancy photos, Marz can be seen hitting the streets with her baby gem in OMIGHTY bodysuits and full body mesh.

We’re so excited for the newlyweds and we just have one question…where can we send a gift?

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