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Intrinsic by Audrey Gillespie from Belfast, Northern Ireland

“This project is an exploration of the how the abuse of women appear in headlines, online and in other media. The print on the clothing depicts tweets, headlines and online comments, stating or discussing the rights, events and opinions of women’s menstrual cycles to women who have been murdered and/or abused. The moral of this project is to highlight how intrinsic it is that women are subjected to the brutal and ignorant opinions of those who spew online. Using fashion as a way of communication, these garments provoke and entice conversation around the subject. The clothes have been pictured on model Carmen Richter (@pacificgulf on Instagram) a woman who’s lively hood has been tested, twisted and question through her years on this earth. Her demeanour and attitude present her as a persistent and inviolable character, which I felt suited the basis of this project, to counter the text on the garments and give contrast to the ever growing strength of women and awareness to the obstacles still at hand.” -Gillespie

All garments pictured in this project have been thrifted and customised by Audrey Gillespie

Photographer, Garments & Styling, MUAH: Audrey Gillespie @artdrey__ | Model: Carmen Richter @pacificgulf


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