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Ill Will, a juxtaposition of designer and Goodwill clothing by art director Kale Friesen

Shot in Goodwill Brooklyn, NY.

Dress PH5 Glasses Stylist own

“Ill Will” We mixed brands and found pieces from one of Americas oldest Goodwill stores in Brooklyn, NY to create a weird, quirky story.

Art Direction: Kale Friesen | Photography/Retouching: Kale Friesen @kalejfstudio | Styling: Tiffani Williams @tiffanistyles | Hair: Alina Friesen @alina_friesen | Makeup: Marco Campos @marcocamppos | Model: Natassja Tidball @natassja_1 from New York Model Management

Rock Away by photographer Ale Bauducco shot in Buenos Aires

Lucille a Roma, Elizabeth Bello’s eccentric aunt becomes her latest muse