I Watched It All Happen by Lloyd Lenox

“Home from a long night of mistakes & memories”. Two friends return home to their dingy apartment after a night of drinks, lovers, and laughter. Loomish hues pool through the corridors as they shed their daytime skin. One friend is used to this routine, in this element she is comfortable, spreading the last dwindling hours of the night as thin as possible. The other antagonizes this, as her thoughts are much more dazed. Her melancholic energy excretes through her body language and reveals to be dissatisfied with an even greater whole. They appear to be a somewhat ironic duo with one dreading the dawn of a new day and the other yearning for the chance to start over.

Photographer- Lloyd Lenox | Assistant- Maddy Green @maddygreenn | Makeup Artist- Andrew Redman @andrdrdrew | Models- Emily Cavanagh @emmicav and Isabelle Marseille @izz_marseille | Assistant- Megan Riley


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