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HUMAN RANGES by Ludovica Anzaldi

Photography- Ludovica Anzaldi from Paris, France.

The series «Human ranges» presents several declinations of womenkind. This work can be compared to a puzzle in which every shoot represents a piece displaying tastes, personalities and intimacy of different women. With all of them, Ludovica Anzaldi establishes a veritable collaboration. Every woman is absolutely free to take every decision about her image: they chose the clothes, the objects, the places, and they decide if they want to show their body or not. They are the ones who tell their stories, by accompaining the photographer throughout them. In this series, there are two different styles: documentary photography, testifying the everyday life of every protagonist, and fashion photography, enhancing the most important elements for both the photographer and the model. By merging and mixing their lives and stories, through an intimate dialog, Ludovica Anzaldi shows us her personal interpretation of woman. For this series Ludovica Anzaldi use an Hasselblad 500, with 120 films 6×6.


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