Hell is Here by photographer Danielle Milanez

Location: Electra Ramen @electraramen

This photoshoot was inspired by the atmosphere and the youth with their unique looks and emotional vibes, their dance moves and their love for music. Hell is here’s about those nights that will never be back. The location we found ended up perfect for the nightime editorial we wanted. The cyberpunk/neo-noir aesthetic, with vivid neon red showering the place with a mood that is, at the same time, dark and exciting. The dimly lit rooms of the Electra Ramen merged with the model’s styling, making sure to show her rebellious persona in the ambient of pure style.

The main character (the model Bibiana) doesn’t care that the world around her appears as a dark and perhaps scary world: she dresses and moves as someone who was born in an ambient of freedom, living and breathing that enviroment like it’s all she needs to be herself and feel truly free, like many young people like her. The character was born this way, and she’s okay with that.

Photographer: Danielle Milanez @daniellemnazph | Model: Bibiana Ferreira @bocadevinho | Stylist/MUA/Assistant: Mari Danielski @maridski | Location: Electra Ramen @electraramen | Special thanks: Livia Aprá @apralivia and Bruna @bruna96sl


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