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Grove Rat by photographer Dylan Borowski



Photographer: Dylan Borowski @peztypupil

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Originally a painter, I strived to recreate the beauty of the human form in my work. Moving to Analog photograph back in 2016 gave me the power to manipulate a person and their environment into my interpretation of beauty. I believe film photograph can capture the raw soul of a photo in my work, that is why it is the only medium I use. I am from Miami, Florida but currently studying in London, England to further my artistic experimentation.

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Call in Sick series by photographer Fanny Chu



Photographer- Fanny Chu @fannychuphotography | Model- Celina Valdez @ifeellikebbyelf | MUA- Vika Kochetkova @kovikkybeauty | Fashion Designer- Clare Bare

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A recent series by photographer Alondra Buccio



Two shoots by photographer Alondra Buccio. “I shot in Chinatown just for fun with a girl I met on Instagram and the other shoot was inspired by vintage Playboy magazines and the movie Boogie Nights.

Photographer-Alondra Buccio | Models-Leeanna Williams, Julia Ling @julialingkelleher, Natalya Marie @natalya_irl, Aalany Mcmahan @uhlawnee

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A Pure Person by Ryota Matsumoto



“When I met her first time, I felt her inner steel, purity and innocence. I thought it was her charm and beauty. I was attracted by her atmosphere at a glance, and then I realized that the beauty is not only the thing, which is visible, but also from inside. She vaguely stood in the crowd of the city, and looked more beautiful by the light of the street.”

Photographer- Ryota Matsumoto @simba.666 | Model- Egghead Chao | MUAH-Yukie Yamasaki @yukikie | Stylist-Manami Miyamoto @mmmiyamotomanami, @miyamoto_manami

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