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Girl Power Editorial Booklet by Kyrsten Bates and Marley Parker

Originally the theme of the shoot was supposed to be Cholita Chic in 90’s Harlem, the other creative director and I bring a lot of those vibes to our own wardrobes. But eventually we talked about culture appropriation especially when we were going to be walking around in East Harlem (El Barrio) we needed to respect the hispanic culture & display it in a powerful way. So we kept every outfit very specific to each girl based off of who they are , it started to morph into something stronger and more specific, over all it is female empowerment , but also showing you can be a bad bitch , you can smoke weed , you can be a gangster & still hold yourself well & be classy. Doesn’t matter how many clothes you have on.

Creative Direction & Styling by Kyrsten Bates @kyrstenjavana & Marley Parker @shemarleymarl | Photography by Elizabeth Wirija @yungwolftown | Hair by Ryan C. @rydabuddafly | Make Up by Ryan C. & Emma Davis @mua_emmaelaine


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