Giada Lefebvre, an italian fashion photographer based in Rome presents Post-Grunge Nostalgia

This story -post-grunge nostalgia – may seems crazy, and it actually is (I call it “the crazy project”) because it’s super colored and a little over the top, but it’s exactly what we wanted to create: the prismatic life of a teenager is always very hard to understand; super happy and suddenly sad and introverted. Teens are a walking contradiction and with a little effort I was able to remember what it feels like.

In this story we used a childish makeup and hairstyle and a young wardrobe style using post grunge, 80s and 90s inspired pieces.

Photography: Giada Lefebvre @giadalefebvre
Fb: Giada Lefebvre Ph. | Muah: Denise Maniccia @denisemakeupart Fb: Denise Maniccia Make Up Artist | Models: Camilla Perna, Caterina Bagnulo @lemoresonobuone, @insomniawillkillus


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