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From the depths of the internet, Veynsʼ unnerving video debut of ʻCall Me’ explores a dark exploration of online voyeurism

From the depths of the internet, Veynsʼ unnerving debut ʻCall Me’ is a subdued, forlorn pool of down-tuned electronic dream-pop, with androgynously soulful, pitched down vocals undulating beneath digitised harmonics, analog synths and 808 drum machines.

The video is a dark exploration of online voyeurism and digital paranoia, inspired by the found footage horror genre, and using the retro-futuristic aesthetic of cam girl sites, fake news and social media overload. With oversaturated colours, viciously distracting pixellated pop-up ads, kawaii graphics and hyperactive editing, the digital melancholy of the track seeps over the visuals, questioning our relationship to voyeurism, our commodification of sexuality, and our culpability in observing human tragedy in the post- Trump, post-truth era.

Veyns is a visual artist and music producer based between London and Los Angeles, whose online presence gives away little other than a misanthropic taste for lurid neon colours, ʻteen girlʼ obsessions, analog synths and black metal. Eschewing the egocentricity of pop artistry in the image-obsessed social media age, Veyns prefers to remain anonymous, communicating moods through hyper-realistic 3D rendered images and animations.

Veynsʼ work takes influence from 90s R&B, surrealism, trap, online subcultures, cyberpunk and lo-fi art. Creating melancholy, lo-fi electronic soundscapes that sit perfectly alongside grotesque visuals inspired by horror movies, internet paranoia, drug abuse and mental health issues, Veynsʼ world, like the ʻCall Meʼ video, is both sinister and alluring. Namechecking influences as diverse as Mariah Carey, Cocteau Twins, Burzum, TLC, Prince and Outkast, Veyns’ work is strange, otherworldly and strikingly original Veyns is due to release debut EP ʻSuicexualʼ in April, with accompanying remixes by Jpeg Witch, Lonely Palms, and a series of animated visuals.

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