Frank Ocean Returns To NYC 

Panorama lasted 3 days but it only took Day 1 to capture our hearts

Friday, July 28th 2017 at 9:35 pm on Randall’s Island was the only place we all should have been. It was time to experience Frank Ocean live. Frank Ocean is a mythical creature. He has been captured in camera but few have actually seen him. Fans traveled for various parts of the world waiting to hear and see Frank Ocean. From Russia to Texas fans came ready to experience songs from Franks discography live. Many concert goers goal for Day one was to see Frank. Fans entered the park around 1:30 pm to hold down there spot in preparation for his later showing. Limited printed tees with Franks face were sold out within hours. There were people waiting for four hours just to hear that the shirts were sold out. Minutes before Frank Ocean was set to perform his personal stage was being unveiled and the hand drawn visuals centered around his album had the crowd excited for what was in store. Opening up to Pretty Sweet and leaving us wanting more when ending with Nikes, Frank delivered to fans years of wanting a tour in one night. The set list went in the order of: Pretty Sweet, Solo, Chanel, Lens, Biking, CDG, Hublots, Running Around, Good Guy, Poolside Convo, Self Control, Higgs, Close To You, Ivy, Only You, Thinking About You, Nights, Pink + White, Futura Free and Nikes. The real treat was the rendition of Close To You and Good Guy that Frank decided to bless us all with. Frank turned both of these skits from Blonde into four-minute ballads that left us going through heart breaks that we tried so hard to forget.

For Close to You, Frank infused the Jackson 5 Never Can Say Goodbye to the ending of the song. He put his personal touch on the song having many of us sing along “Trying to hide the feelings but they always seem to show”. You ever felt like putting up a wall to someone who you loved just for your real emotions to still show? It’s hard but Frank let us know we can still let that person know that we love them. Frank let us know that we are not alone when he are going through struggles in our love lives.

For Good Guy, Frank decided to get down and play the notes via a mini MPC. It made us viewers feel more in touch when he sang “To you it’s just a late night out”. We have all been through the feeling of not having our love for someone reciprocated. Frank made us feel that he was just one of us going through the heartbreaks of life. Frank was on stage but he felt within arms reach. We sang with Frank, we felt heartbroken with Frank, we were thankful for Frank but most of all we were Frank.


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