Female Energy series by Isabella Dias an 18 yrs old photographer from Belém, Brazil

I aim to insert in the photographs my interpretation and vision of this concept, and also at least a little bit of the amount of energy all the girls I photographed hold. Since my favorite thing to do as a photographer is to encapsulate female energy so that we can never forget that there is nothing more powerful than the unity between women. And since I`m from Brazil, I decided to do this project while I was visiting there, so that I could share with the world how unique the energy of Brazilian women is.

Models: Rebeca Andrade @blackbuzzz, Lily Moraes @lirioazulll, Clarice Carvalho @ishta.r, Ingrid Velasco @ingr.s, Sinara Assunção @sinarando, Yasmin Pascoal (@yaspascoal).
Assistants: Marcello Viana (@rnarcello), Giulia Procopio (giuliaprocopio_), Marcos Vinicius oceanvinicius


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