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Frequently Asked Questions

I submitted my work and it was approved, when will it be published?

We receive up to 100 submissions in 1 week and try to publish about 3-5 a day (if possible). We go in order of date approved and try our best to publish your work ASAP. Once your work is approved, you go into a golden folder that we will never miss or forget. So if everything you submitted is correct, we will get to you. Promise!

Can I post to other publications once it’s on

Yes, you own your work and we encourage you to get your creations out to the world as much as possible. Once on, we do however, reserve the right reproduce your work in the following (but not limited to) digital issues or ads for print, posters for events, cover art for podcasts/mixes, business cards, flyers, etc (all promotional pieces not selling). Have any questions? Email

What else can I submit to Toksick Mag?
We accept artwork, music, articles, exclusive interviews, videos, and mixes. Have anything else in mind, submit it anyway.

I want to shoot an exclusive story for Toksick Magazine, do you offer pull letters?
Yes! Please send your inquiry with an attached moodboard to


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