Essence Moore debuts a series featuring new “Stay Down” merch

I decided to create “Stay Down” t-shirts from the inspiration of my tattoos on my knuckles. Stating “Stay Down” short for the quote “stay down ’til you come up.” I live by this quote it reminds me of who I am, who I do it for and where I am going. When I first started modeling I thought I needed to change myself when all I needed to do was embrace myself. I grew tired of not feeling comfortable with myself and who I was as a female. I just had to stay down and that meant staying true to myself and everyone around me. I stand proud at 20 years old with my head held high along with my family and my morals.

Designer: Essence Moore @essencemoore | Photographer: @jamezlaflame | Models: @essencemoore and @_dannilion


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