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D.C. based, magnetic songstress and actress, Nina Rivera, is making sultry, underground gems



Direction and Styling: Nina Rivera @itsninarivera | MUA: Jenny Sauce @thejennysauce | Photographer: Esther Faciane @finessabuxtable

New York born, D.C. based, magnetic songstress and actress, Nina Rivera, is making sultry, underground
gems! Nina is currently working on her debut EP, an 8-track mix of Experimental and Electro-R&B, anticipated to be released along with a short film before the end of 2017. The first song off of it titled, “Believe” just dropped and is available for listening on her website and Soundcloud.

Nina has self-produced and directed her own music video for her song titled “Love, Lust Or Loneliness”, in the past.

She’s worked closely with filmmaker Maya Indigo on visual projects such as the short film “When He Calls”, and closely with world renowned photographer Devin Allen @bydvnlln.

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NASAYA pairs melancholy vocals with intricate sound design in “Snow”



French musician and producer NASAYA releases emotive new single “Snow” on Majestic Casual. Featuring the elusive Myra, “Snow” is a poignant, subtle offering, following on from the groovy “Milk”.

Both students at Berklee, the pair wrote ‘Snow’ during a snow day in Boston in February. Created through an amalgamation of random sound and texture recordings, “Snow” came about as a “kind of a ‘happy mistake’ because we originally didn’t plan to write a song”, says NASAYA.

The track boasts detailed sound design, blending a number of experimental textures together to create a dark/melancholic atmosphere which nonetheless teems with life.

“The lyrics have a strong emphasis on the feeling of nostalgia – they are about being in a relationship and hiding things from each other, which inevitably leads to hurting each other wishing you could take back all your mistakes”- Myra

Listen to “Snow” below:


Born and raised in Reunion Island – next to Madagascar – French musician and producer, NASAYA (aka Theo Hoarau) makes electronic music bursting with ideas, invention, and vitality.

NASAYA blends influences from a broad range of influences from Jamie xx, Tame Impala, Flume and Michael Jackson to Jimi Hendrix, Supertramp and Chick Corea. These influences evidently run wild on NASAYA’s genre-hopping, musical splicing-and-dicing latest single ‘Milk (ft. Myra)’.

“I love this track! I’m listening to it while I work on Toksick emails!” – Lexx Miller, editor in chief of Toksick Magazine

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Cezur releases new single Smoke & Mirrors



Smoke & Mirrors comes from the concept of people wearing facades, instead of baring it all and being real. We all do it in different capacities, relationships, and situations. I just wanted to make a song about it because me and some of my close friends use the phrase so often. It’s always good to be able to take something you lived, and that everyone can relate to, and put it into the music.

RUBY ROSE – @sirrubyrose

It’s produced by Cratez, but the outro tidbit is something my homie Jigitz cooked up for me as a small part of a larger scheme. There will be some music coming from me and him soon to follow up Make The Call , which is currently approaching 35k spins on Spotify alone.

Smoke & Mirrors is following the release of BACKPACK, pt. 1 of a film directed, and edited by Cezur himself. This visual, BACKPACK, takes place in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn, NY, and follows me and my comrades through a day in the neighborhood. As the video progresses, you notice allusions to the heist unveiled in the second installment. Instead of delving head first into the investigation of heist and the chase the follows, I wanted the viewer to get a feel of the environment and people involved- to really understand the perspective of someone coming up in these “aint-shit” neighborhoods and bring that ever present anarchy to the forefront. The opening lines epitomize the visual for me.

Mother Gaston was one of the cross streets that I went to school Elementary to Middle school and lived around the corner from. I learned and did so much over by those sides. It was important for me to mention that, and base the video off of it. I wanted to amp the vibe a bit for the second verse so I went out with my bro to Old Timers, an annual Brownsville “festival” that brings people of all ages out into the project yards, and onto the streets. I wound up in the Plaza, and 30 mins into chilling, niggas start yelling, and everybody (300+ ppl in the courtyard) starts running cause a shootout was about to bust out all while we were filming. It was so real, and so Brooklyn, I just had to cut it in. I just wanted to explain the foundations and thought process that went into developing this video.

You can download “Smoke & Mirrors” on iTunes here

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Twitter @Cezuriii

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Frank Ocean Returns To NYC 



Friday, July 28th 2017 at 9:35 pm on Randall’s Island was the only place we all should have been. It was time to experience Frank Ocean live. Frank Ocean is a mythical creature. He has been captured in camera but few have actually seen him. Fans traveled for various parts of the world waiting to hear and see Frank Ocean. From Russia to Texas fans came ready to experience songs from Franks discography live. Many concert goers goal for Day one was to see Frank. Fans entered the park around 1:30 pm to hold down there spot in preparation for his later showing. Limited printed tees with Franks face were sold out within hours. There were people waiting for four hours just to hear that the shirts were sold out. Minutes before Frank Ocean was set to perform his personal stage was being unveiled and the hand drawn visuals centered around his album had the crowd excited for what was in store. Opening up to Pretty Sweet and leaving us wanting more when ending with Nikes, Frank delivered to fans years of wanting a tour in one night. The set list went in the order of: Pretty Sweet, Solo, Chanel, Lens, Biking, CDG, Hublots, Running Around, Good Guy, Poolside Convo, Self Control, Higgs, Close To You, Ivy, Only You, Thinking About You, Nights, Pink + White, Futura Free and Nikes. The real treat was the rendition of Close To You and Good Guy that Frank decided to bless us all with. Frank turned both of these skits from Blonde into four-minute ballads that left us going through heart breaks that we tried so hard to forget.

For Close to You, Frank infused the Jackson 5 Never Can Say Goodbye to the ending of the song. He put his personal touch on the song having many of us sing along “Trying to hide the feelings but they always seem to show”. You ever felt like putting up a wall to someone who you loved just for your real emotions to still show? It’s hard but Frank let us know we can still let that person know that we love them. Frank let us know that we are not alone when he are going through struggles in our love lives.

For Good Guy, Frank decided to get down and play the notes via a mini MPC. It made us viewers feel more in touch when he sang “To you it’s just a late night out”. We have all been through the feeling of not having our love for someone reciprocated. Frank made us feel that he was just one of us going through the heartbreaks of life. Frank was on stage but he felt within arms reach. We sang with Frank, we felt heartbroken with Frank, we were thankful for Frank but most of all we were Frank.


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