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*Cries/8’s first collection by Belladetta Chanel Antoinnette Peresa

*Cries/8 is a brand, a project, a collection that revolves around experimenting, expressing and collaborating through various forms and mediums. Representing the attitude we stand by as youth and creatives today due to societies unrealistic standards. *Cries/8 is for creating and building ideas for collection of artwork that capture the essence of the youth and personalisation we’ve been driven by. The ability to build our looks so that we can really express who we are on the inside with whatever we have access on the outside. The culture of DIY. Because we don’t want to be another one of them. We strive to be our own person. No one does you better than you do, therefore no one can tell you how to be you better than you can. 

Photographer- Belladetta Chanel Antoinnette Peresa  @belleantoinnette | Stylist, Designer, and Direction- Bass Jjoorr | Model- Mino Wu – @mingatitz | Wardrobe By- *cries/8 – @CRIESTHINGS

All clothing by *Cries/8 , designed by Bass Jjoorr


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