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  • Boys Play Dress Up by Corey Reeb

    Photographer- Corey Reeb @coreyreeb | Fashion Designer- Tripp Nyc @TrippNYC | Model- Larry Belcher Jr | Hair Stylist- Taren Massey @Tmass0321 White Beater- Urban Outfitters Quilt- Tripp NYC Cash Money Chains- CHI Vintage Shoes- FilasGlasses- Urban Outfitters Shirt- VFILES Earrings- CHI Vintage

  • A series by Kamila Słoninka

    Photographer: Iwona Cieniawska @cieniawska | MUA- Emilia and Patrycja Paździór @patrycjakarolina_makeup | Stylist/Wardrobe Stylist/Camera Operator: Kamila Słoninka | Models- Łukasz Krzyżak @lukespider, Zuzia Zejma @xwerenax, Katarzyna Skóra @katarzynaskora Łukasz: Jacket: Lucky Girl Oryginal Vintage T-shirt: Medicine Jeans: Wrangler Socks: Calzedonia Shoes: Convers Zuzia: Jacket: Nike Top: Calvin Klein Jeans Jeans: Lucky Girl Oryginal Vintage Socks: Calzedonia Shoes: Fila Jawllery: H&M Katarzyna: Jacket: […]

  • June in June by Oluchi Mavi

    “June is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She got my attention when I came to Parsons, with my friend, and right away I loved her style and personality…” -Mavi Photographer- Oluchi Mavi @mavioluchi | Model/MUA- June Jennifer @bbyscallop all clothes and accessories vintage

  • Faces of Berlin part II by Kristina Shakht

    The photo series, shot by fashion photographer Kristina Shakht, is a second part featuring faces on the streets of Berlin, to showcase the individuality and diversity among them. You can view the first series here Photography- Kristina Shakht @kristinashakht Maria Richard Kevin Pricela Mark Unknown Wandy Kevin Georgette Melvin

  • Faces of Berlin by Kristina Shakht

    Photography- Kristina Shakht @kristinashakht | Model- Fritz Lord @fritzlord Faces of Berlin is a series about young creative Berliners. This part is a visual story about Fritz Lord, a Berlin-based photographer. My goal was to show a new generation of creatives that are making their artistic way in Berlin. Kristina Shakht

  • Concrete Jungle by Cristian Sigler

    “Cristian and I sparked a friendship about a year ago through the lens. He’s such a great soul to collaborate with. Anything goes. I’ve been obsessed with concrete as a background for awhile. For this set we came across this parking garage during a light shower, and just let it happen. Austin’s urban growth is […]

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