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  • Kali Uchis

    Here’s all the new music that released this week

    1. Kali Uchis – Isolation (April 6) Colombian songstress and creative mastermind, Kali Uchis debuted her album this week with hit singles “After the Storm” and “Tyrant” accompanying this 15 track project. 2. Drake – Nice for What (April 6) Drake followed the premiere of Cardi B’s debut album with a smash summer single entitled […]

  • From the depths of the internet, Veynsʼ unnerving video debut of ʻCall Me’ explores a dark exploration of online voyeurism

    From the depths of the internet, Veynsʼ unnerving debut ʻCall Me’ is a subdued, forlorn pool of down-tuned electronic dream-pop, with androgynously soulful, pitched down vocals undulating beneath digitised harmonics, analog synths and 808 drum machines. The video is a dark exploration of online voyeurism and digital paranoia, inspired by the found footage horror genre, […]

  • FABER announces debut EP ‘I AM…’

    Hailing from South London, Faber (formerly known as Hannah Marie) is an electrifying singer-songwriter, who fuses soulful vocals with rocky edge, recalling the sounds of Beyoncé and Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant. This is a genre mix not to miss, as Faber has the vocal strength and feel to hold her audience spellbound. Immersed in the […]

  • Watch Grammy-nominated GoldLink cover a Pharrell track

    After being robbed of a Grammy for his double-platinum single “Crew”, the DMV-bred artist has no plans to dial it back. Goldlink is currently on a worldwide tour with Masego and EarthGang. View this post on Instagram Double Plat💿💿. Gold album on the way📀. Thank you guys 📵 A post shared by GoldLink (@goldlink) on […]

  • Artist Nadia Lee Cohen takes us on a whimsical dream with Kali Uchis’ latest single “After the Storm”

    You probably have come across Nadia Lee Cohen‘s many works of 50s-70s style art including photography, films, and creative direction on social media. After stylish collaborations with Miu Miu, Vogue, and more; Cohen has finally been making her artistic mark on the music scene with stars like Katy Perry, Dram, and Asap Rocky. View this […]

  • NASAYA pairs melancholy vocals with intricate sound design in “Snow”

    French musician and producer NASAYA releases emotive new single “Snow” on Majestic Casual. Featuring the elusive Myra, “Snow” is a poignant, subtle offering, following on from the groovy “Milk”. Both students at Berklee, the pair wrote ‘Snow’ during a snow day in Boston in February. Created through an amalgamation of random sound and texture recordings, […]

  • Cezur releases new single Smoke & Mirrors

    Smoke & Mirrors comes from the concept of people wearing facades, instead of baring it all and being real. We all do it in different capacities, relationships, and situations. I just wanted to make a song about it because me and some of my close friends use the phrase so often. It’s always good to […]

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