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Butterfly Wonderland by creative collective Trela

photographer Bruna is a 21 years old visual artist from Brazil

Photographer: Brina Reis @brnareis | Wardrobe Stylist: Amanda Gaspar @dagah123 | Makeup Artist: Eduardo Araujo @edu333 | Assistant Producer: Isis Oliveira @siisiioliveira | Produced by: Trela @studiotrela | Models: Emy Saiki @emysaiki and Djully Badu @djullyb

“My best friend and I decided to start working together and created Trela. Trela started out as a little handmade bag shop and now is heading to become an audiovisual space, a collective that involves photography, styling, among other things in the creative area, made by women and for women. We have realized that as the fashion world is still very sexist, it’s much harder to get a job as a woman. And also thinking of all our LGBTQ+ friends who can’t find a place on the scene, we want to make Trela a welcoming place that gives opportunities to all of us.” -Trela
This ‘mini’ editorial is called Butterfly Wonderland and has a camp feel, we used cheap materials to compose the scenery and styling that are considered cheesy and too extra, but that were subtly placed. We also rescued things from our childhood for these photos to give that dreamy effect.


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