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Bulletproof editorial by art director and photographer Sofia Topchishvili

The photoshoot was the creative collaboration that was converted into experimental and dystopian themes. The shoot has a lot of military themes with cold/cyan hues following with the HMUA. I have created collages that consist of diverse sayings in different language that all lead up to current corrupt capitalist nature. I am attaching the final versions of the collage as well as one of the selected photographs from the shoot for you to see.

Art Director/Photographer: Sofia Topchishvili @sofitop | HMUA: Yiyi Tien @yiyitien | Model: Wenxin Hsieh, Wild London @wenxin.hsieh | Designers: Vetemens (white top), other – Dries Bates @driesbates | Assistant: Lida Makarova @_lidamakarova

Texas Based Artists Brandon Kafarela and Blue Hyman Collaborate To Highlight Southern Trap Culture And Vintage Fashion

Disconnected by photographer Katarina Tamova